Shrimp, Lobster, Tuna, Trout & Cod - Loveland seafood !

Taste your way through our delicious and handcrafted menu, carefully curated with your taste buds in mind. We know that you’ll find yourself on an exciting culinary journey at our Loveland Restaurant, and we invite you to come back for more.


here are just a few of our famous Loveland Seafood Restaurant dishes:

Fish & Chips

Alaskan Cod, hand-battered and fresh fried with homemade Steer fries.


Ahi Tuna Steak

Grilled Ahi Tuna served Rare, with red onions and sliced cucumber.


Jumbo Shrimp

Delicious shrimp, breaded and fresh fried to a golden brown.

Served with homemade cocktail sauce.

Citrus Salmon

Pacific Salmon, open-fire grilled. Served with orange chipotle sauce on the side.


Trout Almandine

Large river trout, charbroiled, kissed with lemon and sprinkled with almonds.


 Lobster Tail

 One or two Succulent, cold water lobster tails, served with drawn butter.

Shrimp Boat

Peel N’ Eat



Lightly dusted and fried to light brown. Orange Chipotle dipping Sauce

*Seared Ahi Tuna

Perfectly complemented by a spirited Creole Aioli



One pound (25-29), steamed in our own white wine 

and garlic butter broth